"A better camera won’t do a thing for you
if you don’t have anything in your head
or in your heart.”



Ian Fairley - A good photographer tells a masterfull story.


A good wedding photographer doesn’t just take pictures. A good wedding photographer is someone who has mastered the art of storytelling, someone who can see and understand, and capture the moments that make the story.

Your wedding day is not a fashion shoot or make believe, it is about real emotions, feelings and passion. And to accurately and beautifully capture these moments, which tell your story; that is what my photography is all about.


"The question is not what you look at,
but what you see."



My love for telling wedding stories has grown as my own story with Lee continues to unfold. Maybe it’s because I have learnt some things the hard way, but I have become passionate about marriage – not just the wedding celebration – but the life. I think it defines who you become and is the single most important factor in your happiness. No material thing can compensate. Maybe that’s why, when I look through my lens, what I see is going to be different to someone who is just shooting a wedding. I want my telling of your story, to be more than just part of the day. Not just something that captures the celebration, but something that helps you celebrate the marriage.


Ian Fairley - Reliving your special day in moments captured.


It is my sincere prayer that you will be able to relive your wedding day many times through the years, through the story I have captured. And that the emotion, passion and joy, frozen in those images, will remind you through the hard times, of what that day was about and of the joy you can have through marriage.


And that is why, although I do try and take some funky pics of the decor, it is people, and what happens between them, that really grabs me.


We both love what we do and are committed to pouring our hearts and our souls into your love story. Below are some pics of us on our wedding day and honeymoon and some other pics of us just living life and having fun with our kids. We would much rather meet you face to face though, so if you are interested, let’s have some coffee and look at some images together and discuss how we can be part of making your dreams for your wedding day come true.




PS. We are based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape but love travelling. We have done weddings all down the garden route, Cape Town, Johannesburg and a hundred little places in between, as well as the UK and Europe.